Derek Phillips

VADL Experience

  • Outreach - curriculum development, report writing, and logistical coordinating.

  • Shadowing the carbon-fiber layups and various other tasks from last year’s rocket construction


  • Thruster & Rocket test facility: frictionless mount, external torque control, and data validation/thruster calibration between real life and KSP simulation.

  • Fabrication of thruster system, integration into rocket, and fabrication of rocket body

  • Report writing

Relevant Skills

  • MATLAB: data analysis,

  • LabView: instrument control and automation

  • 1d analysis of converging-diverging nozzle performance including off-design conditions (study abroad class on Thermal Machines)

  • Technical writing

  • Creo: 3D CAD, machine drawings, exploded views, bill of materials, etc

  • Currently taking machining, also work in the design studio and am comfortable with rapid prototyping, drilling, sawing, soldering, dremels, etc.

Published: August 30 2016

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